ZEMISMART smart night lights review

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Smart bulbs are good. As we know, we all have at least two dozen of them at home. But what would be great is a smart nightlight for the little ones. That way, we turn it on when we want, we change the color, the intensity, we turn it off when the monster finally sleeps or when he makes the comedy to show him who is the boss… Top no? Well, Les Alexiens, faithful to their habit of Internet adventurers, talented High Tech talent scavengers, researchers of good deals… In short, faithful to themselves, they found you not one, not two, not three but five nightlights connected!

It is the brand ZEMISMART that offers this set of lights! You have certainly already read tests concerning the Chinese brand’s products. Our conclusions are that the products are of good quality, practical and at relatively attractive prices. Indeed, these nightlights marked CE and RoHS are sold at a single price of 30 dollars excluding promotion and come in five shapes. You’ll probably find the one you like.

ZEMISMART smart night lights: the choice and detail

If you have been following us for some time, you certainly know that Zemismart, in order to offer products at an attractive price, does not rely on packaging. And this case is no exception to the rule. Moreover, we did not immortalize the moment when our little feverish fingers greedily opened the plain brown cardboard without any identification or marking… So in summary, the packaging is more than basic and ugly, but your nightlight is well protected in bubble wrap.

What do we find there after all? The night light (in bubble wrap), the power cord and the installation guide (a 4-page booklet that is quite well done). Indeed, it covers connection, buttons, installation with Smart Life, connection with Alexa, voice commands as well as various subtleties and features.

We tested the “shell” shaped lamp, but there are four others: a cylinder, a rectangle, a sphere and a moon, which seems to be the victim of its success. That said, the operation is exactly the same.

Our luminaire is made of a single block, the two parts (the base and the night light) do not disassemble. The plastic of the body is opaque white and about 2 mm thick. It is not made to emit a bright light but to diffuse it. The base is made of glossy white plastic. It is on this last part that you will find the USB port and the on/off button. That’s it… There are 6 little dewclaws on the bottom serving as feet. Without being on an exceptional quality, we are on materials of standard quality, marking little and resistant to impact. It is a product made to resist and be highlighted once lit. Except for the moonlight which is very pretty as such and will be sublimated once lit.

In terms of dimensions, we’re not on a dinette nightlight. For example, in our case, the size of our lamp is 20 cm high and 12 cm wide, for 240 grams. Okay, that’s the biggest one, but the others aren’t ridiculous. The cable is 1.5 m long, but there is no adapter included.

Let’s take a closer look at its features: it will work in 5V, 1.5A, so use a mobile phone charger or a plug / extension cord with USB port. When recharging, it will consume 3 W, which is not much. It contains a 1200 mAh / 3.7 V lithium battery. To be used between 0 and 40°C, in Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz.

But let’s take a look at the advantages of this product:

  • The night light operates independently on battery power. Charge the battery for a maximum of 3 hours and let’s go for 3 to 10 hours of use.
  • It has a manual color change mode by tapping the base on the surface where it is placed: cool white, warm white, red, green, green, blue, purple, yellow, blue (but not the same), pink and lime green, in order of appearance.
  • Operation via Smart Life application to vary colors, whites and intensities
  • Works with Alexa, by voice, even if not connected.
  • There is a charging indicator built into the night light: red when you plug it in, it then turns blue when it is charged. Warning, to turn off this light, you have to unplug the lamp, if you press the on/off button, it will turn on the lamp in white.

All that remains to be confirmed is that all this is real. And for that, start by loading it and having it recognized by Smart Life.

ZEMISMART smart night lights: night use with Smart Life and Alexa

The installation of this lamp will be done with Smart Life as a standard bulb. To enter pairing mode, press the on/off button for a few seconds. We did it 3 times and finally, by pressing it long and turning it on/off several times, it worked. The lamp will start flashing, so take the opportunity to launch the Smart Life application.

Don’t forget to activate the Alexa Skill to be able to use it with your Echo. Under Smart Life, press “add” and select “lighting”. Then, as usual, once in pairing mode, select your Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz), its password and let it go. Unless you are a player, we invite you to change the name of the night light so that you can use it by voice.

A firmware update will certainly start, let it happen.

In the application, you will be able to control the night light in different ways:

  • Adjusting the light intensity
  • Adjusting the white heat
  • Color Adjustment
  • Adjusting the color saturation
  • You can see a “Shock Power” icon. The latter will allow you to enable or disable the ability to turn off or change the color of the lamp by shocking it on a surface. Being able to disable it may be interesting depending on where you put it down to avoid changing the settings if it is moved a little abruptly.

As with all the “bulbs” under the application, you also have the possibility to put it into practice with scenes (i.e. pre-installed environments with specific brightnesses) and a planning of switching on or off.

The use with Alexa is done via the Smart Life skill and will consist in driving it like a lambda bulb. There are 5 heats of white under the application as well as 15 colors that are callable to the voice. Do you want natural light? “Alexa, lights X in daylight white”, “Alexa, lights the night light in blue”, “Alexa, lights the night light at 10%”…

In theory, it’s really great, but in practice? Well, in use, the colors are very good for a night light. Be careful, don’t expect intense and very bright colors, we are a product whose purpose is to emit a diffuse glow. But as you can see from the pictures, they are really pretty and “deep”. The saturation variation works very well and can be changed from blood red to pink white. The heat of the whites is also very good for this type of product. Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

In addition, some latency can be expected with battery-powered equipment, but this is not the case. Again, color changes, power on and off are also relatively fast. In short, there is no change compared to a mid-range standard bulb.

After several nights of testing, the operating time without being connected to the mains is about 10 hours in colour at 1% brightness and 7 hours in colour at 20%. This time will vary depending on the light intensity, where you place the night light (Wi-Fi network with an excellent signal or not) and usage (the more actions you ask for, the less the battery will last). About 10 minutes before the battery is discharged, the night light turns red and flashes 4 times. If you use it in a child’s room, it is a real advantage to be able to dim the intensity once your little blond head is asleep, or even to turn it off completely (we let you manage the alarm clock in the middle of the night).

In summary of this test, this nightlight which does not look like much but which has the advantage of existing in several references including a nice moon, is a very good surprise. Let’s disregard non-existent packaging and documentation only in English to highlight an autonomous night light, working by voice or by application, with rather good and well present colors. The battery life is not exceptional because it lasts a maximum of 10 hours (8h30 in our tests) but is sufficient for most uses. A more powerful battery would have been a plus, however, to prevent, for example, the night light from going out as soon as it was ready. The Shock Power system is a good idea, but a little too sensitive. We are therefore confident that the product is completely acceptable, well made and of completely satisfactory quality.

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