Zemismart smart blind motor review

Zemismart smart blind

We return, after a few weeks of absence, to talk about Zemismart!

The well known Chinese distributor of products dedicated to home automation has often given us the opportunity to try really special devices, not to say curious. Of course, all objects dedicated to our Smart homes.

Today we are still in the company of a very special product with the unpronounceable name of:

Full shading double-sided roller blind

Don’t be impressed by such a long name, it’s a very simple and common blackout.

… of course SMART!

The fabric of the blind is available in 3 colours, all fireproof.

The dimensions can also be customized to suit different types of windows, of course:

  • 60x195cm
  • 90x195cm
  • 100x195cm
  • 110x195cm

The on-board electronics provide for dual control:

RF, via the supplied remote control…

and WiFi with the possibility of voice activation and control via app.

This blind dialogues with the famous Tuya Smart app that I remind you is available for Android and iOS, or through the Smart life app that is nothing more than a Tuya clone, or if you prefer the opposite!

Thanks to the compatibility with the Tuya ecosystem this tent will also be compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, thus allowing voice activation via your smartphone or via Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Everything you need for a correct installation is included in the package and in particular you will find it:

  • two supports to be wall mounted
  • a tubular motor
  • an aluminium tube with curtain attached
  • an RF remote control (with wall mount and without batteries)
  • user manual

Of course, the motor will have to be connected, through the plug already included, to the common 220V in order to work properly.

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