Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker test

A waterproof, mobile 360 degree Bluetooth speaker for $47.99 sounds not bad? The Zamkol ZK606 speaker should make it possible. To day we are going to reveal the weaknesses and strengths of this speaker. In one speaker discipline, the Zamkol ZK606 even trumps the editorial recommendation among Bluetooth speakers.

Conclusion on Zamkol ZK606 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Zamkol ZK606 is a well-equipped 360-degree Bluetooth box for those interested. The speaker is splash-proof, offers a hands-free function and, thanks to its 24 W output power (2x 12 W), can assert itself in the volume discipline even against higher-priced Bluetooth speakers. The overall package is therefore more than okay.

However, premium speakers offer a certain amount more: a larger frequency range, which makes itself felt in the better sound, a better IP protection class and a longer battery life.

Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker – Design

With the Bluetooth loudspeaker Zamkol ZK606, the Chinese manufacturer Zamkol Direct has added a 360-degree loudspeaker to its range that at first glance looks like a JBL Flip 4 or Ultimate Ears loudspeaker. The equipment is impressive: The device is waterproof to IPX6. A tilted glass of water or heavy rain shouldn’t cause any damage.

Zamkol Direct has also thought of music lovers who still have older devices like a CD player in operation. These can be connected to Zamkol ZK606 via an AUX connector. A required AUX cable is already included. This is simply plugged into the headphone jack on the source device and then into the AUX input on the underside of Zamkol ZK606. Right next to it is the Micro-USB interface, which charges the speaker’s battery.

It is operated via the keys recessed on the loudspeaker cylinder. The plus and minus keys are used simultaneously to adjust the volume and to jump back and forth between audio titles. The volume can be adjusted by briefly pressing the button, and the title is navigated by pressing the button for a longer period of time. The power button is a round button at the bottom and must be pressed for about 3 seconds to switch on. To select the audio source between Bluetooth device or AUX input, briefly press the Power button. The Play button is used to start music playback, but also takes over functions such as answering calls.

Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker – Features and Functions

The 360 degree Bluetooth speaker Zamkol ZK606 is loud! The output power of 2x 12 Watt (RMS) ensures this. For comparison: Our editorial recommendation among the portable Bluetooth speakers, JBL Flip 4, offers 2x 8 Watt output power. Zamkol ZK606 is the perfect choice for those who set volume as their primary performance feature. However, our test overview shows that the Bluetooth speaker can’t keep up with the noble brands in terms of sound quality.

A glance at the supported frequency range shows why: it only ranges from 150 Hz to 15 Khz. 360-degree speakers in the same device class as Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 or JBL Flip 4 start at 90 or 70 Hz and end at 20 kHz. Summarized: As far as bass and treble are concerned, other speakers are better, but also more expensive.

  • Stereo pairing: Zamkol ZK606 masters TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, a standard that allows music lovers to connect two Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth speakers to form a stereo pair.
  • IPX6: Thanks to the IPX6 protection class, Zamkol ZK606 is protected against strong water radiation (flood protection), but not against temporary immersion in water.
  • Hands-free function: With the multi-function Play key, users can also accept or reject calls on the loudspeaker or dial the last number called.

Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker IPX6
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Compatibility with Bluetooth speaker Zamkol ZK606

Thanks to the universal Bluetooth standard, the 360-degree Bluetooth speaker Zamkol ZK606 can easily be connected to an Amazon Echo.

Installation and setup of the Zamkol ZK606 loudspeaker

Connecting the Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone is as simple as 4 steps:

  • Switch on the Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth loudspeaker and then press the Power key again to switch the loudspeaker to pairing mode. The light ring on the top starts to pulse blue.
  • Activating Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Start the Bluetooth device search on the smartphone. The speaker ZK606 should appear in the device list.
  • Select Zamkol ZK606 in the Bluetooth device list on the smartphone.

Advantages of the Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Low price
  • High volume
  • Water resistance according to IPX6

Disadvantages of the Bluetooth Speaker Zamkol ZK606

  • Sound distortion at high volume levels
  • Restricted sound frequency range

Zamkol ZK606 – Technical Details

  • Output power: 2x 12 W RMS
  • Speakers: Two dual high line drivers, one passive bass radiator
  • Bluetooth Standard: V 4.2
  • Supported protocols: A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4, GAVDP V1.2, AVDTP V1.2, SPP V1.2, AVCTP V1.2
  • Audio encoding: SBC
  • Frequency range: 150 Hz to 15 Khz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥70 DB
  • Battery life: max. 6 to 8 hours
  • Battery capacity: 2,600 mAh
  • Connections: AUX, Micro-USB
  • Dimensions: 18,1 x 6,9 x 7,1 cm
  • Weight: 485 g

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