Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 Review


If you had read my test of the first generation Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner you know it, it is one of my favorites among the products I have been able to test over time. This version, which bears several names (Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2, Roborock S50, etc.) takes over from an almost perfect model, adding great features, including a mop.

I was looking forward to having this model in my hands, the main novelty of which is the integration of a mop, in addition to the vacuum cleaner. I realized from the very first moment that this was not the only new thing.


Unlike other Xiaomi connected objects, installation is relatively simple. Just download the Mi Home application, create an account or login, choose a country (I always choose Singapore because it is one of the most product-rich countries), then find your vacuum cleaner model and add it.

The rest is classic, with the configuration of your Wi-Fi network and… that’s all. All that remains is to plug in the charging dock (which is half the size of the v1), install the small plastic from below (it is used to avoid attacking the wood with the moisture from the mop), and turn on your vacuum cleaner.



I was more than satisfied with the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, and the Roborock S50 is even better. Apart from some minor aesthetic changes, it is based on the same basic principles of cleaning with an analysis of the room using its laser to detect walls. Where everything changes is in the application, but we will see it below. You can still start the cleaning process by pressing a button, as well as washing an area and returning to the loading dock.

The suction is still as good as ever, and in my opinion the robot is more efficient in the way it moves around the room, making boundary squares and then cleaning the inside of these areas.

As usual, the battery is more than enough to pass through my entire apartment (75m2) and there is more than half of the battery left for each use.


The arrival of the mop is welcome and quite easy to use. A mini bin is provided, simply fill it with water, attach one of the supplied wipes, and the robot will clean your floors. The mop is in the back when the robot passes, which is quite logical, as it sucks first to clean up heavy dirt, the mop does the rest.

It is an excellent addition to Xiaomi’s Vacuum Robot, and it simplifies everyday life. My apartment was much cleaner with the V1, with the Roborock S50, it is even cleaner, and it requires little effort (empty the bin every four aspirations, and the mop when it is used).


Xiaomi has greatly improved his app, which was already excellent. A “Carpet” mode has been added, and increases the suction power when the robot vacuum cleaner detects a carpet. The timers are always present, and can be easily adjusted, as can the level of wear of the supplies. There are four suction modes (Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max) and it is always possible to control the robot with the smartphone, as well as to start a cleaning, even from a distance.

But the great novelty of the app, and the one I much prefer is the possibility of defining cleaning zones. By drawing rectangles on the map, the robot will directly clean these areas. This is more than practical if you want to clean only one room for example. The beauty of this new function is that the areas can be multiple, so you can ask it to clean only the bathroom, a bedroom and the office for example. It’s very practical, I use it a lot for the dining room (my two-year-old child eats alone, so it flies everywhere at every meal 🙂).

For even more thorough cleaning, you can set up to 3 passages in the same area.

Another function called “Go” allows you to move the robot to a specific point, from which you can start cleaning, or drive yourself to vacuum some dirt more quickly.

To understand how interesting the Roborock S50 is, such features to the competition are often charged around 1000 dollars. The product is more than half as expensive there.

Opinion on the Roborock S50 (Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2)

It’s the 5/5, and definitely my favorite of the year. For such a price, it is better than the competition, and is extremely versatile. The addition of the mop, but especially the cleaning areas directly in the application, fills two gaps in the V1, making it, in my opinion, the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2018.

If you are not interested in the mop, the V1 vacuum cleaner is available for a much lower price than the V2, it is also an excellent choice. In short, it is now a pleasure to clean up and that was no easy task!

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