Withings launches smartwatch Withings Steel HR Sapphire Signature


After Christmas and Mother’s Day, Withings takes advantage of Father’s Day to release a new limited edition of its connected watch: the Withings Sapphire Signature.

Available in two colours (blue and black), the two models are quite different, one designed for everyday use and the other for sports dads. Both watches come with a leather strap (brown or black), and it offers exactly the same technical features as the Withings Steel HR.

You can enjoy 25 days of autonomy, monitoring activity, sleep, heart rate, but also shopping via the GPS of the smartphone. The real innovation is based on the design, and especially this scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is the same material used by the brand’s very first high-end connected watch, the Withings Activité.

withings steel hr sapphire signature

The small screen allows you to follow important information on a daily basis, but also to receive notifications. To know everything about the capabilities of this watch, you can read my test of the Withings Steel HR Sport, which offers the same technical features, in a different format.

Limited edition and premium materials require the selling price to be higher than the classic model, namely $299.95 on the brand’s official website. The limited edition for Mother’s Day, in pink gold with a red leather strap, is still on sale until the end of the operation.

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