Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Review – Pros & Cons

Listening to music in the 50s was not an easy thing at all. At the time, it wasn’t as easy as it is today because you had to have great means. Indeed, we had to have a record player and several records to play our favourite songs. Nowadays, everything has changed thanks to the evolution of technology. For example, there are now different devices that allow us to enjoy our favourite songs anytime and anywhere. Scientific research has even led to the creation of quality sound equipment that can deliver great sound and is weather resistant. In any case, there’s no need to ruin yourself to treat yourself to such marvels.

Is the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 recommended?

Although YES. The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is mainly suitable for those who are looking for a good all-terrain nomadic speaker that can withstand any challenge. Even better, this device is a very good deal since it has all the necessary qualities of high-end standing while being within everyone’s reach. Indeed, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 never ceases to amaze the world with its rather atypical but original design, as well as its unbeatable sound quality shivering every eardrum. Its various simple and practical functionalities never cease to satisfy its users. And then there’s the watertightness and durability that make the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 one of the best portable speakers available today.

The pros and cons of Ultimate Ears Boom 2


  • Reliable speaker
  • Nice design
  • Quality sound
  • Satisfactory connectivity
  • Practical
  • Solid
  • Self-contained battery
  • Value for money
  • Good delivery service


  • Average Ergonomics

For me, sound and everything around it is part of my daily life. Being a sound engineer for more than a decade, I can say that all the sound equipment of several studios and even big concerts in the world always pass before my eyes before being used.

Recently, new innovative equipment has been flooding the market such as nomadic loudspeakers, especially the so-called “waterproof” ones. These make our lives much easier by allowing us to listen to high quality music at any time and with ease. They are always ready to accompany us throughout the day without worrying about bad weather or clumsy gestures. For my part, I had the opportunity to test the Ultimate Ears Boom 2, which is a very satisfying speaker in all respects. For more details on this device, I invite you to read this article until the end.

Reliable speaker

To begin to decipher the positive points of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 speaker, it is essential to talk about its origin, in particular its manufacturer. Thus, this device is a pure product of the American company Ultimate Ears, a specialist in electronics. It was founded in 1995 by Jerry and Mindy Harvey and is now one of the leaders in the field of sound with its excellent headphones, earphones or its famous nomadic speakers.

For the development of its activities, Ultimate Ears has a personal website where everyone can consult the different products offered by the brand while benefiting from a support service. On the web, the American company is well known to everyone, especially in social networks. In fact, Ultimate Ears has no less than 350,000 mentions on Facebook, 129,000 Instagram subscribers and 18,000 Twitter followers. And its YouTube channel has been viewed by more than 20,000,000 people. In short, all this information shows how reliable and safe the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is, and how you can buy it without any hesitation.

Nice design

Nomadic speaker enthusiasts won’t be disappointed with the great look of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2, as this is a newer version of the first generation Boom. As a result, it retains the cylindrical shape typical of its predecessor. In any case, the Boom 2 stands out with its flashy colour scheme, where everyone can choose from a variety of colours to suit their taste. Generally speaking, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is made with a rather original style and with a good finish. Everything has been done with the greatest care to allow an excellent grip, especially thanks to the rubber plastic on the speaker. The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 can be used both horizontally and vertically.

Quality sound

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter by talking about the sound quality of the famous Ultimate Ears Boom 2. Compared to its size, this one offers a very powerful and very satisfying sound both wired and Bluetooth. The listening experience is always homogeneous and precise with a very present bass. With a volume at very high levels, the bass becomes more vibrant but the good membranes of this loudspeaker manage the situation very well by being reactive and giving a good sound rendering. Speaking of trebles, they are a little off but still very present. Thus, the voices are always clear, emphasized and sometimes sharp. All this information indicates that the Boom 2 can sound a party in a small studio with high quality sounds.

Satisfactory connectivity

In order to enjoy the great performance of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2, just link it to another device using a cable or by using Bluetooth mode. For this second point, the manufacturers of this speaker have created a Bluetooth power button on its opposite side. Speaking of pairing, it’s all very easy. To do this, the UE Boom application connects the speaker to other devices in a matter of seconds. Boom 2 can connect via Bluetooth to other devices or even other speakers very quickly with a largely satisfactory range (around 15 to 20 meters).


In addition to its wireless functionality, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 has other qualities that make it a benchmark portable speaker. For example, it also stands out for its hands-free kit function through its microphone, where phone calls can be perfectly answered. In all situations, communications are all very good and satisfying with clear and crisp conversations. Moreover, with dimensions of around 6.9 x 6.9 x 18 cm, while being relatively light, the Boom 2 is the ideal speaker for listening to good music while on the move.


The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is distinguished mainly by its high resistance to heat, rain and possible clumsy gestures. Indeed, this loudspeaker is perfectly resistant to shocks and water up to a depth of 1 meter. This is why the Boom 2 has been certified IPX7. This means that you can always enjoy good music at any time and without fear.

Self-contained battery

A loudspeaker is not said to be nomadic without a durable battery. And the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is not going to break that rule. Indeed, this one has a well autonomous battery of approximately 15 hours with a rather pushed use; for a listening at a rather high volume.

Value for money

When it comes to mobile speakers, it’s mainly the very popular and high-end brands that come to mind. As far as the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is concerned, it has all the qualities necessary to compete with all the speakers available on the market. In other words, it is highly efficient and less expensive than high-end products. So, I think that buying the Boom 2 is a very good deal.

Good delivery service

Seeing the great prowess of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2, more than a few people will surely be eager to buy it. So, just place an order on the web and wait for the item to be delivered. On this point, satisfaction will always be there, since the mobile speaker will be delivered to us in an average of only one week. And in the event of a problem, everyone will also benefit from a good support and return service.

Average Ergonomics

One of the great qualities of the Ultimate Ears brand is its ability to listen and evolve. Thus, for each device produced, this company is very attentive to the remarks made by customers. Since the brand’s previous portable speakers did not have buttons or other functions to control the playback of different songs, Ultimate Ears has revolutionized Boom 2 by incorporating this option. In this way, it is now possible to control audio playback. However, there’s a small downside, since it’s still not possible to go back to the previous song. As a result, fans of loop playback may well be disappointed by this little flaw in the device. In any case, this slight problem will certainly not tarnish the beautiful performances of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2.

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