Tuya ZigBee Hub + PIR Sensor Kit, Window Door & Temperature

Tuya ZigBee Hub Review + PIR Sensor Kit, Window Door & Temperature

Among the protocols dedicated to home automation the ZigBee is certainly one of the most popular, probably known because used by the famous Philips Hue.

Many other companies have chosen to integrate ZigBee modules in their devices, preferring for example to the classic WiFi.

This choice brings with it advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages we can include

  • Energy saving: the ZigBee protocol is designed to transfer small amounts of data but enough to make the SMART HOME devices work properly, so they can run on simple batteries for several years.
  • Avoid clogging your WiFi network with dozens of IP addresses assigned to various sensors, smart bulbs, etc…
  • Signal stability: Depending on the implementation, the ZigBee can work on different frequencies, but in any case using it we create an alternative network to WiFi dedicated only to the service of our sensors.


Use of a dedicated hub: our smartphones and tablets communicate with data networks via WiFi, Bluetooth or 4G. Therefore, it would not be possible to communicate directly with ZigBee sensors to monitor their status or manage their functions. We must necessarily have a Hub/Gateway that connects via LAN or WiFi to our home network and acts as a bridge between the two protocols.

Today we will talk about a Kit that starts from a central Hub and already bundles a good number of sensors that can be added later.


The kit I tested includes the following equipment:

  • A ZigBee Hub
  • A 220V-5Vusb transformer to power the Hub
  • A temperature/humidity sensor
  • A PIR sensor
  • One sensor Door/Window
  • One USB to microUSB cable
  • A LAN cable
  • One user manual for each device

Each sensor is already equipped with a battery, but in my case 2 sensors out of 3 had a low battery. Nothing serious for charity, with just over 2 euros I bought both, but I still wanted to warn you in case you are in the same situation as me. Don’t panic if the sensors don’t seem to work!


The ZigBee Hub is very compact, white and anonymous looking, has at the back the power socket (microUSB), the LAN port (rj45) for connection to the home router and a small reset button.

Buy from Amazon.com for only $87.99

To appreciate the surprising compactness of the devices (really I’ve never seen so small) I made a shot where I keep one of these devices in the palm of my hand. Look with your own eyes!


The ZigBee kit supplied by Zemismart for this test really convinced me for the cheapness of the solution, the compactness of the sensors and the stability and reliability of operation. During my tests the system did not lose a beat. The Tuya cloud is really proving to be a rock and this contributes to a very good user experience.

I would also like to remind you that the Tuya service can be added to Google Assistant and Alexa allowing you to manage everything vocally through the respective voice assistants. However, the sensors that work under gateways don’t seem to be added to the Google Assistant devices on which I tried to make them work. I reserve the right to carry out further tests to investigate the matter.

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