TP-Link smart LED light bulb LB120 review

TP-Link smart led light bulb LB120

Today, we are resuming our tests of home automation products. And today, we continue with TP-Link and its LB120 smart LED light bulb, and we thank TP-Link for allowing us to test their products. We had previously introduced the smart plug from the same manufacturer that integrates very quickly into your home. After the smart plug, to manage the power supply to your home, we switch to light management in your home with the LB120 smart light bulb from TP-Link.

The smart LED light bulb LB120 from TP-Link

We start with the presentations of the characteristics of this smart bulb from TP-Link. The first important feature of the LB120 LED light bulb is that it has an E27 base. This makes it possible to integrate it into all homes. As we have seen, the LB120 bulb is compatible with the main voice assistants on the market and with smartphones via the Kasa application. You will be able to monitor your consumption, just like with the plug connected. One of the features that is very interesting on this bulb is the Circadian Rhythm, which allows to adjust the light intensity in order to simulate the natural changes of the light during the day.

TP-Link smart bulb LB120

The difference with Philips Hue

Why make a comparison with the Philips Hue brand? It is the big competitor in this market, so yes, you have to compare them. We’ve already tested Philips Hue, so it’s a good thing. Philips Hue and TP-Link in terms of bulb, it’s the same thing, except for one big detail. At Philips Hue, you have to invest in a Hub. TP-Link therefore takes a huge advantage over Philips Hue in the field of smart bulbs (price level of the bulb we are almost identical), and we are looking forward to seeing the other accessories offered by the brand (switch).

Conclusion: Our opinion on the bulb

The LB120 smart light bulb from TP-Link is a very good product, which is very easy to install and control. This is a huge advantage over operating without Hub, which is particularly criticised by Philips Hue. TP-link, therefore, offers us products that allow us to control the power supply with the smart plug and the light (white color we remind you) with the LB120 smart LED bulb, a last advantage that we did not mention, the compatibility of the application with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which adds compatibility with other home automation brands.

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