These HomeKit devices help through the hot days


We were amazed when we looked at the weather forecast for this week. At times it should be 33°C in NYC. That didn’t happen, but the upper end of the 30°C is already quite hot. That’s why we picked out HomeKit devices that will get you through the hot days.

Smart air conditioning control

The first Apple HomeKit device is obvious: air conditioning. Although there is no air conditioning system that supports HomeKit from the comfort of your home, you can retrofit it with a smart controller. Only in May did tado° publish a corresponding device.

The tado° V3+ smart air conditioning control simply imitates the infrared signals of the remote control. Since you can then control your air conditioning while on the move, you can cool down your home from the office.


Control the fan depending on the room temperature

Since only very few of you have air conditioning, let’s have a look at an affordable solution: The good old fan. It is available in a wide variety of designs. As a standing fan, as a table fan, as a design object or even with water jets.

But first of all, nothing is smart at all on all models. A simple adapter plug, such as the Eve Energy or the Koogeek model, can help. This allows the fan to be switched on and off at least once using the HomeKit.

But the whole thing only becomes really intelligent in combination with a temperature sensor. With devices such as the Eve Room, the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach or the recently published Koogeek Smart Environment Monitor, the fan can also be controlled temperature-dependently.

You can easily set up a corresponding automation using any HomeKit app. If the temperature sensor is not available as a trigger, try the app from Eve Systems.


Water march!

Even as a child, on hot days you’d prefer to get your garden hose out of the tool shed. Today mum and dad can control it comfortably from the hammock and monitor the water consumption right away.

The Eve Aqua and Gardena Smart Water Control devices make this possible. Simply clamp the respective device between tap and garden hose and you can control the whole thing via Apple HomeKit.

By the way, it’s not just the kids who enjoy it. Your flowers will thank you too. Quickly set up automation for the early morning and water the flowers automatically. Then your flowers will not only be watered all day long, you can also stay a little longer.


Darken windows during the day

To prevent the heat from building up in your home in the first place, you should darken the windows during the day. This is where IKEA’s roller blinds would normally come in. These were originally supposed to come in February, but the market launch has been postponed until August.

If you live in the attic, you can use the VELUX ACTIVE room climate control. Not only can you control the blinds, but you can also open the skylights in the morning and evening. On the floors below you can have a closer look at the Soma Smart Shades. They haven’t been officially certified by Apple, but they should be easy to control via HomeKit.


Even the one or other HomeKit device in combination with automations can make the hot days much more bearable. And it doesn’t always have to be an expensive air conditioning system. Even a simple fan can easily be transformed into a smart device.

Even for your children and flowers you will find the right Apple HomeKit device. From August, IKEA’s roller blinds will finally be added. Until then, simply save yourself the trouble of pulling up the conventional roller blinds in the morning and let the day darken over the windows.

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