Tertill weeding robot fights weeds with solar energy


Weeds, the enemy of every gardener. The removal is laborious and time-consuming but necessary. The small weed robot from Franklin Robotics is designed to help, the garden helper makes his way through vegetable or flower beds and removes annoying weeds in the twinkling of an eye.

The Tertill weeding robot makes gardening easier

Unfortunately, weed control is always part of garden maintenance, an elaborate activity that robs many of the fun of the nursery. With the weed robot from Franklin Robotics this is now a thing of the past. The little helper is equipped with various sensors and removes the weeds with small blades and without chemical aids. Developer Frankling Robots wants to follow up the success of the Roomba vacuum cleaner robot with the weed robot.

weeding robot

How the smart wedding robot works

With the built-in sensors, the smart weeding robot distinguishes between large plants and small shoots. Plants that exceed a height of 2.5 centimeters are ignored, smaller shoots are shortened. If new shoots are sown, distance limits must be set so that the crop plants are bypassed. By the daily start-up of the Tertills the weed is permanently denied solar energy, whereby the weed simply disappears after several germination attempts by itself.

Special functions of the Tertill weeding robot

The power supply of the weed robot is ensured by solar cells on the surface, but if the sun does not shine for a long time, the device can also be charged via USB. Rain or damp weather are no problem for the robot. The four built-in wheels, which work with all-wheel drive, allow the little helper to overcome even difficult terrain. Sand, mulch, soft soils and gradients are no problem. The diagonally positioned wheels provide a secure grip even on uneven ground.

Smart weeding robot with app function

With the help of the Smartphone App the Tertill can be controlled via Bluetooth interface directly on the device. The app is available for IOS and Android.

Conclusion on the Tertill weeding robot

The Franklin Robotics weed robot is versatile and can cope with almost all weather and soil conditions. Thanks to its water resistance and USB charging function, the robot can do its job even in bad weather. In good weather conditions, the robot runs on solar energy, making the weed robot perfect for hobby and professional gardeners.

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