TeckNet wireless doorbell: This can be the cheap model

TeckNet radio bell2

Battery-powered wireless doorbells are a simple retrofit solution and the right choice for all those who do not feel like laying (new) cables. They are easy to install and can even be used as an “emergency call button” for bedridden people. We summarize all important evaluations of the popular TeckNet wireless doorbell at a glance and explain where it makes sense to use it.

TeckNet wireless doorbell: Good and inexpensive with a small weakness

There are many applications where a simple wireless doorbell can do a good job. For example, at the entrance to an allotment garden (without power supply), in old buildings with listed buildings or for short-term illnesses. If the patient is bedridden, for example, the transmitter can be attached to the bed, while the caregiver simply places the receiver at a socket in his or her occupied area.

TeckNet radio bell

We find: With the TeckNet wireless bell, users receive a gadget with a convincing price-performance ratio that can make everyday life much easier. However, if you want to use the wireless doorbell outdoors permanently, you should protect it from the weather and, above all, frost so that it does not suffer any damage. Because at the bargain price of approximately 15 euro one receives here a splash water-protected, but not completely waterproof Gadget.

The TeckNet wireless doorbell lights up and reaches up to 85 decibels.
To install it, simply insert the battery into the transmitter, place it in the desired position and plug the receiver into an electrical outlet – and the wireless bell is ready for use.

You can also set the volume to four levels, set a melody or change the notification mode by pressing buttons on the receiver housing. Deaf people, for example, can only select optical notification via a blue LED circle or blind people can select a purely acoustic signal. Alternatively, simultaneous notification by light and sound is also possible.

TeckNet radio bell3

Advantages of the TeckNet wireless doorbell WA878

  • Good sound quality
  • Large selection of ringtones
  • Easy to install

Disadvantages of the TeckNet wireless doorbell WA878

  • Batteries must be changed regularly.
  • Radio bell only splash-proof, but not completely weatherproof

TeckNet WA878 Wireless doorbell – Technical details

  • Size: 8,1 x 8,1 x 8,1 cm
  • weight: 81,6 g
  • Colour: white or black
  • Radio range: 300 m
  • Ringtones: 52
  • Volume: 4-step adjustable

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