Smart Life PIR Motion Sensor review


It is true that a detector/sensor is useful in various fields: to detect a presence when opening a door or window, or in a more original way to know remotely if mail (or a parcel) has been deposited in our mailbox and not to have to leave at any time to check.

The Smart Life Sensor we are presenting to you today is nevertheless of a different nature from the previous ones: it is a presence detector that does not fit on an opening as such. Indeed, it can be placed indifferently on a wall or a piece of furniture, at your convenience. Its ability to be mobile makes it an asset. But it can be fixed on a support using the adhesive tape supplied. Not bad, huh?

Small Sensor, Wide Angle

Once the batteries are inserted in their housing, the PIR Sensor flashes red and waits to be paired with Smart Life. All that remains is to download the application available on Google or iOS stores and create your account and activate the Alexa skill. But, if you already have equipment running Smart Life, it will be easy to install. Simply add the presence detector by choosing “Others” in the left menu, then Wifi Connector in the proposed list. Is this your first device running Smartlife? Don’t worry, you can read the tutorial installing a bulb with Smart Life to install and configure your account in the application, the procedure is identical and couldn’t be easier: creating an account with either an email account or a phone number and choosing a password.

There you go! Your detector is installed and recognized by Smart Life. He can now notify you of any passage in front of his sensor that has a large angle of coverage. The History tab will be your cookie to notify you of all the passages he has recorded. By creating a scenario, it will be possible to receive the detections directly on your smartphone. Note that on the back of the camera, it is possible to choose between 2 or 4 the number of minutes between two trips.

But what can we do with Alexa?

Well, in fact, not much, because even if this presence detector is well operational with the Smart Life application where it is possible to create a scenario that will be recognized, it will not be possible to have it recognized as a device in its own right by Alexa and therefore to create routines for our favorite voice assistant to announce the arrival of a package.

This is a great pity. Even if you test with the Tuya Smart application, the result is the same. Same with IFTTT. However, we know from experience that some people are capable of doing so. Is the problem coming from Alexa? From Smart Life? Or more likely our product purchased on Wish? We do not have an answer to this question at this time. However, we will continue to investigate and will not fail to update this test if the situation unfolds….

In summary, if this sensor is very powerful thanks to its range of 120° and will warn you of a motion detection on your smartphone or in the Smart Life application, it is not really compatible with Alexa, although the scenario is put back into the application. Unfortunately, the PIR Sensor is not recognized as a device and therefore it is not possible to integrate it into a routine. The description, indicated Alexa / GH and IFTTT compatible. However, neither of the two assistants recognize it. Same thing on IFTTT.

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