Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 Review


Why continue to get tired of using a hand vacuum cleaner to clean the house when the evolution of technology and modernization offers us better. Indeed, a wide range of hand vacuums with superb features abound on the streets and help people in their daily lives to carry out household chores quickly. These are such ingenious and practical appliances that give users a wide range of choices according to their needs and different expectations. As it is difficult to test them all in order to make a suitable choice, we suggest you trust the person who has already used one of these broom vacuum cleaners and been satisfied with it. With this in mind, we’ll tell you all about the suction power and versatility of the Rowenta air force flex 560 vacuum cleaner.

Is the Rowenta air force flex 560 recommended?

This vacuum cleaner is highly recommended first of all for its ability to pick up everything in its path with a single click. Secondly, it is very ergonomic and has an incredible grip that gives you maximum comfort when cleaning your home. In addition to making it easier to clean your home, it has an ingenious design that folds easily to wait for difficult spots. It is equipped with LED lighting that allows you to work with clarity even in low light conditions. It is a versatile vacuum cleaner that is able to pick up any type of dirt, even animal hair. Moreover, it is a complete range that comes with all its accessories including specific gadgets for animal hair and cars. In spite of some limitations, with this vacuum cleaner at home no dirt escapes you.

The pros and cons of the Rowenta air force 560 flex vacuum cleaner


  • Multi-purpose equipment
  • Good suction power
  • Suitable for all types of flooring
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Supplied with several accessories
  • Easy and simple to use


  • A little heavy
  • Impressive size

Multi-purpose equipment

This Rowenta air force flex 560 makes your life a lot easier with its ability to clean your floors quickly and efficiently. It is one of the few models on the market that has the capacity to vacuum all types of dirt without any problems. It is a true all-rounder that picks up sand, dust and even pet hair from around the house. Once you have the Rowenta air force 560 at home you no longer need an extra cleaning device. Only this machine is capable of giving you all the satisfaction you need for the maintenance of your home. The best of all is when its design makes it easy to bend under the lowest furniture and to reach even the remotest parts of the room. You don’t even have to bend or change position for the vacuum cleaner to work in those corners that are often difficult to reach with other appliances.

Good suction power

If there’s one thing you recognize about Rowenta devices, it’s their high operating power. There’s nothing more annoying than working with a vacuum cleaner that forces you to go over and over the same spot several times to pick up the dirt. This is certainly what the designer of the Rowenta works on all the time before taking out his appliances. You will be able to see this for yourself by using this Rowenta air force flex 560 vacuum cleaner once in your home and on any dirt. It is a device that really works with incredible suction power and does not require a double pass over an area to clean it. With a single click the Rowenta air force flex 560 sucks up all the dirt from your floor, even the smallest particles. It is a real cleaning tool and almost a robot that does not let anything pass behind it whatever the type of surface.

Suitable for all types of flooring

The choice of certain vacuums often depends on the quality of the floor or flooring in the home. This is a situation that sometimes puts users in the embarrassment of not being able to choose what they like because of incompatibility with the floor. With this Rowenta air force flex 560 vacuum cleaner you will not have to face this kind of problem because it is a model that takes care of all floors. It is a high-performance equipment that has a unique suction head and can work on carpet, parquet, tiles and even waxed concrete. With this vacuum cleaner you will have no limits during your household and even the hair of all animals will be taken care of by this vacuum cleaner. It is also suitable for the sofas of the house and those of the car while offering a result of incredible cleanliness.

Built-in LED lighting

This rowenta air force flex 560 vacuum cleaner is a device like no other because it has features that really meet the expectations of many users. Indeed, with this device you can use it not only during the day to clean your home. If you only have time in the evening you don’t have to worry about the lighting because it has everything you need. You should know that this machine is equipped with LED lighting that allows it to illuminate your work area and easily detect even the smallest dirt on the floor. Thanks to this lighting the vacuum cleaner becomes a device that you can use at any time and in any place without worrying about the lighting of the room. You will be able to distinguish all work areas and know which areas are clean and which need to be vacuumed.

Supplied with several accessories

It is no coincidence that the Rowenta air force flex 560 is so powerful and versatile. It is a device that has been manufactured mainly for multi-functional work and it has a whole arsenal of accessories to accompany the user. We also appreciate the action of the designer who has integrated all these accessories directly into the delivery box of the device. Otherwise the consumer would still have a hard time browsing the shops for gadgets compatible with this vacuum cleaner. Returning to these accessories, once you have opened the package containing the device you can notice the presence of a range of specific gadgets adapted to all your needs. It is from these accessories that you can choose the one that is suitable for collecting the hair of all kinds of animals. In the same box there is a special brush to allow you to clean the car and everything in it.

Easy and simple use

Many users may think from the sight of this device that it is a difficult model to use and requires professional intervention. However, this is not the case and on the contrary the Rowenta air force flex 560 is a very easy and simple to use model. It already has a fairly ergonomic handle that allows a good grip of the device. To reach the bottom of furniture effortlessly you have its handy head which is able to bend if necessary. Its special feature is that it has two drive wheels which also help to move the appliance from one place to another as easily. Thanks to all these features, there is not much to do when using this machine. Moreover, it works wirelessly and allows you to be completely free in all your movements. Once you turn it on, you just have to hold it and guide it into each room so that it can do its job.

A little heavy

Like any other household appliance, this Rowenta air force flex 560 can also be expected to have its limits. One of the complaints of many users is that it is a bit heavy and difficult to handle in daily use. Dragging it around as much as you like is not easy with its 6.86 kg weight. If you have a big house you might end up getting tired from lifting the device to drag it from one room to another in the house. It is even fortunate that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with two-wheel drive to make your task a little easier. But it’s clear that if you’re the type of person who vacuums all the time in the house, the weight of this Rowenta air force flex can quickly wear you down. If you’re a large person, you may find it a little easier to use. But if it’s the other way around, fatigue will quickly set in before you’re halfway through your home. You have enough to make your house clean and spotless, but you will have to face the weight of this machine all the time.

Imposing template

In addition to the heavy weight of this Rowenta air force flex 560 vacuum cleaner you will find it difficult to store this appliance in the house because of its large size. When used in the household it is a size that can also be a source of discomfort for some users who lack space. Indeed, this vacuum cleaner has dimensions of 57 x 42.6 x 19 cm and it is not very easy to find a place for it in a corner of the house. It is a bulky model that does not go unnoticed and can take up a lot of space in a kitchen for example. It’s a rather delicate vacuum cleaner that won’t be easy to transport when moving or moving to another city. Its size is not foldable or removable to allow it to take up very little space. It is a pity though because you will not have any reproach to make to it in relation to its power of operation and its performance on all types of ground.

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