iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum review


Today we bring you the iRobot Roomba 980, an all-terrain automated cleaning that, in addition to including several features that substantially improve other older models, can be controlled and programmed remotely from an App for smartphone.


But the great milestone of this new model is that it has greater autonomy and remembers the rooms traveled, so it is the first robot vacuum cleaner that can clean an entire floor without having to move it between zones. And is that for a very limited time (until Sunday 19 or end of stock) you can get it for only € 549 with free shipping, which is € 450 discount on your usual PVP. RUN!

Roomba 980, you pay for the top of the range

The Roomba 980 has a PVP that is not for all pockets of course, because from the website of the iRobot itself mark their PVP as 1,099 € a high price, which in this case seems justified by all the technological improvements it incorporates, and more now that it is lowered to 549 euros. But what improvements are we talking about…?

A robot that remembers where it went…

The highlight of its new features is that it recharges automatically. This means that if you run out of battery to half a task, the device returns only to its charging base, instead of standing around waiting for you to pick it up (like previous versions). When it’s ready, resume cleaning at the point where it stopped so you’ll never have to pay attention to its power level, or plug it into different “zones” of the house.

New robotic navigation system

Thanks to its navigation system iAdapt 2.0, developed by iRobot, has a precise location scheme of the whole house, to move around the entire surface avoiding any obstacle and without forgetting any corner. Of course, including the openings under sofas and under furniture 😉


Better controlled power, more precise cleaning

And because not all areas have the same degree of dirt, this Roomba 980 automatically increases power where it’s needed most. In this sense, for example, it performs 10 times better on carpets and rugs, so that mites tremble when they see it appear 😉

Its triple cleaning system, with AeroForce inverse rotation double extractors, moves the rollers of its base with impetus to achieve a brushing that removes any particle that is embedded in the floor or surface to be cleaned.


An obstacle-proof robot

If you live in a duplex or in a house with several floors, you should know that this model also incorporates a ladder detector. So you can rest assured that as soon as you get close to the steps, the device will withdraw itself to avoid a monumental fall. And if you run into a small elevation, you’ll be able to walk over it (like a thick carpet).

And, as for its mobile application, you can say that with your smartphone you can control and program any task of the Roomba 980, as well as select what day of the week and what time you want it to start. Ah! And you can order it from a distance, while you’re working or shopping, so that when you arrive is in order and clean well 😉

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