Roborock S6 MaxV Review – Efficient and Affordable Vacuum Cleaner


The latest robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese brand Roborock is particularly elaborate. It maps the housing, vacuums it, washes it and of course this smart model benefits from a complete application. To optimize its movements, it is even able to recognize the objects it crosses on its way. All in all, features worthy of a high-end robot at a particularly competitive price.

Our opinion on Roborock S6 MaxV

The Chinese brand Roborock has made a specialty of robot vacuum cleaners. It is powered by the famous manufacturer of the same origin Xiaomi, on whose behalf it also produces such robots. The S6 MaxV is Roborock’s latest addition. Like its other models, it is particularly competitively priced in terms of its ultra-complete data sheet. Packed with technology, this vacuum cleaner is able to map parts, recognize objects to know how to handle them and even wash floors. And to have been able to take this robot in hand, we have to admit that its washing function really convinced us, as did the ability of the S6 MaxV to move intelligently throughout the home. If the technical specifications and the on-board technologies seemed surprising to us, after our tests we were equally impressed by the price-performance ratio of this Roborock S6 MaxV.

Roborock S6 MaxV

A robot that recognizes objects

Roborock talks about artificial intelligence, a dual front camera that captures 30 images per second and complements a laser rangefinder, a Qualcomm processor (a brand well known to lovers of new technologies)… In practice, what you have to remember is that this vacuum cleaner is perfectly equipped to evolve in its environment. All these technologies allow it to draw a map of the housing and to visualize the objects in its path, including the smallest (up to a size of 5 cm by 3 cm according to the manufacturer).

This robot is able to “see” objects left on the ground and, in most cases, to recognize them: shoes, electric cables, lamp bases and even… animal excrement, explicitly mentioned by the brand, to our great astonishment – because it seems to be what the users expect. The Roborock S6 MaxV not only detects different objects, identifies them, but even displays them on the application, possibly with their photograph. This allows it to bypass them or go over them in the most appropriate way.

And capable of recognizing several floors

Similarly, while the S6 MaxV is not the only robot capable of mapping a house and displaying the map on its application, it has an interesting quality for house owners. It is capable of storing maps of several floors – up to four – and recognizing them as it moves through them. It can be moved from one floor to another without getting lost: it knows where it is, where it is going and which rooms it has to clean.

Roborock S6 MaxV

Floor cleaning as a bonus

While Roborock promises that the S6 MaxV offers powerful suction, it has more than one trick up its sleeve. Thanks to a small water tank with a cloth wipe included, it can wash floors at the same time. It is more of a wet wipe, as it does not scrub the floors (some machines do this by vibration) and uses only pure water without detergent. But in a single pass, it vacuums up and removes the small, stubborn stains that can appear on hard floors on a daily basis.

This function is all the more interesting as it can be personalised: you can simply switch it off or adjust the water flow to three levels if you want a simple wet wipe to finish the vacuuming, for example on a parquet floor or a cleaning using a little more water on a tile floor .

And because the S6 MaxV maps the rooms and allows you to “cut out” the map returned in the application room by room, you can really personalise the cleaning to the maximum: for example, vacuum all the rooms, but only wash the kitchen and bathroom. The S6 MaxV obeys and lends itself willingly to this.

Finally, Roborock supplies a small plastic mat for installation on the floor under the robot. This prevents the damp mop from lying on the floor for long hours while the robot rests on its base; this is especially handy for protecting fragile floors such as parquet.

Roborock S6 MaxV

A robot with a complete application

Of course, the S6 MaxV is connected (via Wi-Fi), which offers many possibilities. First of all, it allows you to start a cleaning remotely, whether you are at home, in the office or even on holiday, and to monitor its progress. Indeed, you can see the robot moving around the house or apartment (on the map), you know if it has crossed objects and above all you are warned when it has finished cleaning. The application also allows you to program the cleaning and customize it: the days, times, the rooms cleaned, the intensity of suction, if any, for each of the rooms, the modes and in what order the rooms should be cleaned. Everything can be truly personalised. And we really appreciate the fact that this can be done on a smartphone rather than with the robot’s buttons – offering so many options would have been unthinkable without connectivity.

The mapping provided by the S6 MaxV can of course be completed: for example, the proposed part cutting can be corrected by the user. It is also possible to prohibit certain areas directly on the cartography in the application. For example, it is possible to forbid the robot to approach a staircase (for safety as it is not supposed to fall down), the water bowl of an animal or a forest of electric cables that has taken up residence next to the TV cabinet…

Finally, the application is also a maintenance aid; this is also one of the advantages of connected robots. For example, the Roborock application monitors the condition of the brushes (the central and side brushes), the filter and the sensors and knows when to clean or change these elements.

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