Ring Door View Cam – The Alexa video doorbell


Intelligent video doorbells fulfil several useful functions: they proactively signal when someone approaches the door and inform the user via smartphone even when he is not at home. With the intelligent Ring Door View Cam wireless doorbell, users receive an Alexa-compatible doorbell with HD video transmission, 2-way communication and integrated vibration sensor that is easy to install without wiring. In our overview of the Ring Door View Cam, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the smart door spy.

Conclusion on the smart video doorbell Ring Door View Cam

With the intelligent Ring Door View Cam video doorbell, even tenants no longer have to do without a smart doorbell, as no complex conversion measures or new cabling are required. Alexa users can easily stream the video stream of the smart doorbell to their Echo Show or Echo Spot without having to move to the door. Alternatively, the smartphone can also be used.

The wireless doorbell Ring Door View Cam is not yet available, the market launch in Germany is scheduled to start later this year. For Alexa users and tenants who are thinking about purchasing a smart doorbell and are afraid of electrical conversion work, the waiting time should be worth it.


Ring Door View Cam – smart doorbell with video transmission

Ring’s smart home experts have created a good throw with the intelligent Ring Door View Cam video doorbell. The camera replaces the traditional door spy and streams videos in HD quality to the smartphone or an echo with display, such as Echo Show 2 or Echo Spot.

If a visitor presses the integrated doorbell, the user receives a notification on his smartphone. The same applies if someone knocks on the door or triggers the motion sensor of the integrated cam. This also turns the Ring Door View Cam into a surveillance camera. If a notification is received, the user can switch on the video stream and, if desired, talk to the visitor via the intelligent video doorbell – even if he is not at home.

Ring Door View Cam features

In addition to two-way communication, thanks to an integrated speaker, the monitoring radius for the camera’s motion detection can be set manually, so that Ring Door View Cam does not send a message to the smartphone every time a person passes the door, for example in a house with several parties.


Other features of the smart doorbell Ring Door View Cam:

  • Vibration sensor: Thanks to an integrated vibration sensor, Ring Door View Cam notifies the user even when visitors just knock or apply pressure to the door, for example.
  • Battery operation: Rechargeable battery eliminates the need for wiring.
  • Classic door spy function: The Ring Door View Cam uses glass optics so that the normal door spy function can continue to be used at home.
  • Private zones: For the detection area, private zones can be created in which no recording takes place. The recording function can also be switched off completely.

In addition, Ring provides Smart Alerts functions for which a subscription is required. The Smart Alerts should offer the following premium functions:

  • Adjustable motion detection: Users can adjust motion sensitivity to optimize motion alerts and extend battery life. It should also be possible to adjust the movement zones.
  • Motion check: A function designed to eliminate false alarms.
  • Motion Stop: Ring Door View Cam stops a running recording if the detected motion is detected as unimportant.
  • Person recognition: The intelligent video doorbell recognises certain movement patterns and gives the user the option of selecting which cases should be notified.


Ring Door View Cam Installation

The installation of the intelligent Ring Door View Cam is relatively simple as the device does not require any wiring or drilling. The video doorbell simply replaces the traditional door spy that needs to be removed for installation. The right tool is included with the intelligent video doorbell. Since no major structural changes are required, the Ring Door View Cam intelligent video doorbell is also suitable for tenants who want to make their home smarter.

Ring Door View Cam compatibility

The smart home expert Ring was taken over by Amazon in spring 2018, which is why the Ring Door View Cam is not least compatible with Alexa.

Ring Door View Cam advantages

  • Easy installation, without hard conversion measures
  • Integrated vibration sensor provides burglar protection
  • HD video quality
  • Private zone setting
  • Glass optics continue to enable traditional door spy functionality

Ring Door View Cam disadvantages

Special functions can only be used via payment subscription

Ring Door View Cam technical data

  • 1080p HD video cam with glass optics
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two-way communication
  • Integrated bell

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