Philips Hue Zones – Manage automation even more finely


The latest innovation from Philips Hue for its application: the zones. This is a small development, but one that was very much requested by users. Indeed, the notion of parts already made it possible to produce families of bulbs.

However, “subgroups” were not possible and this could become annoying in some cases. Many of you have claimed them, so here are the areas!

Philips Hue zones, the new feature

Nothing transcendent, it is however a feature that was missing and that fills a certain gap! It is therefore now possible to manage groups of bulbs already attached to a room individually using the zones.

As always with this type of purely software innovation, to benefit from it, you must go through the application update box. Simply go to your Android or Apple application store and update. At the first launch, the introduction of the zones is announced…

Philips Hue zones

Now that you have the latest version of the application. If you go to the configuration to create a new part, you will see that it is also possible to create a zone.

The principle is exactly the same as for parts. Create an area and assign bulbs to it. It’s that simple and you’ll see your new zone in the parts list.

For the piloting, there again it is the same, you can manage your lights from the area or from the room.

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