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Smart home solutions are already present in many households. Most of the time, however, it’s just a matter of heating control, switchable sockets or intelligent lamps. However, with the NENOKI Smartlock from the German start-up, conventional front doors can also become smart in the twinkling of an eye. The electronic locking cylinder is easy to install and enables intelligent access control via PIN code, smartphone app or RFID transponder.

The NENOKI Smartlock connects the front door with the smartphone

Anyone who has ever lost the front door key and therefore had to call the locksmith knows one thing for sure: Shatteredness can be very expensive. With the NENOKI Smartlock, this problem is a thing of the past once and for all. Instead of a normal key, the NENOKI Smartlock uses a smartphone, which most people always have at hand anyway.


The functional principle of the two-part NENOKI Smartlock is deliberately kept simple. On the outside there is a knob with an RFID and a keypad for PIN entry. On the inside, on the other hand, there is a knob that can be turned manually at any time to lock and unlock the front door independently of the power supply. In addition, there is a Bluetooth unit on the inside that can be used to open the door via an encrypted Bluetooth connection using the smartphone app.

So there’s no need to be afraid that the door suddenly won’t open again. After all, both knobs are each equipped with three AAA batteries. If the batteries of the external knob are empty, the front door can still be opened with a smartphone. The principle works the other way round, of course. According to the manufacturer, the batteries last about a year with average use. Visual and acoustic warning signals also indicate that the battery is about to be changed.

All you need to install the NENOKI Smartlock is a screwdriver

For many people, setting up smart home devices like the NENOKI Smartlock sounds like a complex job for IT specialists. On the contrary, installation at the front door is child’s play and works no differently than installing a conventional locking cylinder.

While many other Smartlocks only fit on certain doors, the electronic locking cylinder from NENOKI is compatible with almost all front doors. The basic requirement is that the door must be 50-150 millimetres thick. In addition, the front door should have a classic profile locking cylinder. Special anti-pulling fittings with external anti-pulling protection must first be exchanged for normal fittings in order for the Smartlock to fit. The NENOKI lock only does not fit on doors with a circular keyhole on the outside.


The NENOKI Smartlock offers three different access systems per door

As already mentioned, the waterproof lock has three access options thanks to the supplied silicone cover in accordance with the IP67 standard. The simplest method is to use the supplied RFID transponders. This is a type of key replacement that allows the door to be opened wirelessly by stopping the transponder.

Data is transmitted via a frequency (13.56 MHz) that security experts consider to be very secure. A total of up to 20 chips can be connected to the Smartlock, so that friends or family members also have access. The chips are managed via the NENOKI app and can be decoupled immediately if lost. The integration of new chips only works via admin PIN.

Alternatively, the door can also be opened using the “AI Smart Lock” smartphone app. Via the app, the user’s smartphone communicates with the Smartlock via Bluetooth. What is interesting here is that the app does not just allow simple locking and unlocking. Smartphones can also be used to easily manage access rights, check battery status or read opening logs. It is also possible to assign time-limited access rights to the smartphones of friends, neighbours or even the postman. Against all these futuristic techniques, the optional opening with a PIN of up to 12 digits is almost old-fashioned.

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