IKEA and Sonos unveil 2 smart Symfonisk speakers


IKEA and Sonos finally unveiled Symfonisk, a smart speaker designed in partnership that had been discussed by both parties for several months. Nevertheless, it was not one speaker they unveiled, but two.

It was in December 2017 that Sonos and IKEA discussed a common product line, indicating that it would logically focus on the smart home. Afterwards, the two companies never ceased to reveal a few details, without really presenting their new Symfonisk range.

This has now been done, as shown on a web page on the official Sonos website. As a result, there are two Symfonisk speakers, one of which is a first that follows the design of a simple rectangular shelf. With its three kilos, it can be fixed to the wall horizontally or vertically.

The second model from Sonos and IKEA is also a Symfonisk smart speaker, but it looks like a bedside lamp. Both companies specify that it is possible to change the colour of the latter so that it can be adapted to the user’s environment.


In terms of features, Sonos confirmed that the Symfonisk speakers would include AirPlay and Wi-Fi support, but would not be equipped with microphones, closing the door on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. The technical characteristics of the devices are not yet known, but the brand promises a “sound profile equivalent to that of Sonos One”.

The two Sonos and IKEA devices will therefore be launched in August at a price of 99.95 euros (for the shelf speaker) and 179 euros (for the lamp speaker) respectively.

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