Hisome mini air conditioning system with water cooling

Hisome mobile air conditioning

Fast cooling without climate-damaging coolant is promised by the mini air conditioning system presented here, which is offered by Hisome, among others. But can a gadget with a size of almost 20 to 20 centimetres really cool effectively? We took a close look at the bestseller and found some weaknesses that everyone should know before buying.

The Hisome mini air conditioner cools quickly and environmentally friendly

As with all water-cooled air conditioners, the Hisome model also does without climate-damaging coolants (e.g. R134a). The use of the evaporative cooling of the water also has another advantage: the principle is very simple and does not require any lengthy installation measures. So instead of laboriously drilling a hole for the exhaust hose into the wall, the Hisome Gadget is simply plugged together and filled with (cooled) water or ice and it is ready for use. Ideal for all those who are plagued by heat and who are longing for a quick cool down.

However, according to testers, this cooling method only reduces the temperature by an average of 5 degrees. Only the person sitting directly in front of it can benefit from the cooling (ideally with a distance of max. 50 centimetres). The Hisome K├╝hlgadet is therefore a nice gadget for the desk, which ensures fast cooling in between. However, this is definitely not a permanent solution for cooling entire rooms.

This is how the mobile Hisome air conditioner works

According to the experts at deine-mobile-klimaanlage.de, a PC fan, a filter and a cartridge saturated with water are installed inside this cooling unit. For cooling, the warm outside air is led through the wet cartridge and due to the evaporation cooling slightly cooler and much more humid again. The manufacturer recommends that the filter be replaced every 6 months in order to maintain its functionality permanently. Replacement filters are to be had for approximately 11.50 euro – a proud price, if one considers that the whole air conditioning system costs only approximately 35 euro. Who renounces however the regular filter change, risks the accumulation of dust in the equipment, which leads on short or long to musty smelling mold.

Advantages of Hisome mobile air conditioning

  • Cheap
  • No great installation effort
  • environment-friendly
  • Colourful lighting integrated as a nice additional feature
  • Optionally usable via USB connection or (separately to be purchased battery) as a mobile device

Hisome mobile ac

Disadvantages of Hisome mobile air conditioning

  • Only selective cooling possible, no replacement for a fully-fledged air conditioning system
  • During long-term operation, the air becomes unpleasantly humid and the danger of mould in the room increases.
  • In some customer reviews there is talk of unpleasant odour formation.
  • According to user reports, efficient cooling is only possible at level 3, but this leads to a noise emission of 81 dB.

Hisome mobile air conditioning – Technical Details

  • Dimensions: Product size: 19 x 19 x 21,3 cm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Colour: black and white
  • Water tank capacity: 500ml
  • Operation via USB port, can alternatively be used with a 18650 battery (not included)
  • 3 cooling modes (High / Medium / Low)
  • Capacity: Up to 10 hours cooling time
  • Only suitable for clean water (distilled water at best)
  • 7-colour LED mood light or cycle option

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