Google Assistant would be the most intelligent voice assistant

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According to a study, Google Assistant is the most efficient voice assistant on the Western market, although Siri is catching up quickly.

A recently published comparison by the search company Loup Ventures indicates that Google Assistant would be the most intelligent voice assistant, compared to its direct competitors Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

To produce this report, the company asked 800 questions to each assistant to analyze each person’s understanding and response. According to the study, Google Assistant would understand 100% of the questions and answer them correctly in 87.9% of cases.

While several studies have already reported the respective skills of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, there was one that tended to be judged for its lack of understanding: Siri. And yet, it is Apple’s device that probably ranks second in this ranking with an understanding of 99.6% and correct answers in 74.6% of cases.

For their part, Alexa and Cortana of Microsoft are respectively third and fourth in this comparison with 72.5 and 63.4% of correct answers each.

In comparison, another study conducted last April, almost nine months ago, also showed that Google Assistant was the best in the Western market. However, this same ranking showed that Siri was ranked far behind his competitors, so he even left third place on the podium in Cortana.

At the same time, last April, Apple hired John Giannandrea, former director of research and artificial intelligence at Google. At that time, the objective already seemed clear, namely to improve the skills of the Siri assistant, certainly so that the company could release the assistant’s potential and catch up with the competition. It would therefore not be surprising if the efforts of the team in charge of Siri gradually began to pay off.

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