Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX Review – DECT phone in Alexa costume


The Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX is a completely new class of hands-free telephone with Alexa integration that can be controlled by voice. It can be used to contact landline and mobile phone connections via a DECT base station and router as well as to use Alexa skills. Optically it reminds thereby strongly of Libratone ZIPP Multiroom or Echo 2 loudspeakers. But do you really need an extra device for telephoning with Alexa or is the telephone function of a normal echo loudspeaker sufficient? We took a close look at the new Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX in the test.

Smart Speaker L800HX from Gigaset: phone, Alexa and soundbox in one

We regularly use FRITZ! phones with DECT radio standard and can imagine the Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX as a useful addition. We find it particularly practical that it replaces manual typing by hand with voice input of telephone numbers. This means that even physically handicapped or blind people can make telephone calls particularly conveniently. The Gigaset Smart Speaker is also a great phone in the office or during household chores. You have both hands free and can still make calls while working. It’s a shame that the Gigaset L800HX can’t redial. Phone numbers that have not been saved as contacts must be re-entered or announced. During the call, the Gigaset Smart Speaker does not execute any other commands, such as a current weather forecast. The other party does not hear any commands given to Alexa during the call.

Dialing numbers by voice announcement works just as reliably as if the user were using the telephone keypad. The call quality is flawless, just make sure you don’t get too far away while making a call or talk with your back to the Gigaset Smart Speaker. If you don’t have a DECT-capable router (e.g. FRITZ!Box) or an appropriate base station at home and don’t want to buy it separately, you can also use any echo loudspeaker to make calls via Alexa or connect to the landline network via the Amazon Echo Connect Box. However, it is only possible to contact previously stored contacts and not to enter numbers or make an emergency call. More details can be found in our step-by-step instructions on using Alexa for phone calls or in the general Amazon Alexa call help page.

The Gigaset Smart Speaker combines phone, voice assistant and music speakers in one device. The Gigaset L800HX combines the essential advantages of the individual devices without revealing any noteworthy weaknesses. Only the sound is more like kitchen radio. Here one notices that the Smart Speaker is designed for telephoning. The original Echo Plus sounds much more balanced and powerful in comparison. Of course, there are still some details that need to be refined, such as the voice control of Spotify or the missing multi-room function. But this will certainly improve within a short time, after all, the Gigaset L800HX Smart Speaker has only been on the market since April and is a device that is quite ready for the world.

Gigaset L800HX Smart Speaker looks like an echo, but is a telephone.

Another echo? That was our first thought when we were introduced to the new Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX, because there’s no denying the similarity. Even more amazing, however, are the visual similarities with the Libratone TOO Bluetooth speaker. When you look at the features, however, it becomes clear that Gigaset has a completely different focus from all other loudspeaker manufacturers in the smart home segment. While most are satisfied with Alexa integration, the L800HX can be integrated into a DECT system and used for telephony. The only requirement for calling any landline or mobile phone connection is a connection with a DECT-capable router or a DECT base station.

Hands-free telephone with smart home features: Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX

Thanks to Alexa integration, the Gigaset L800HX Smart Speaker can not only be voice-controlled itself, but can also operate other Alexa-compatible devices. For example, the unusual Alexa phone can be used to brew coffee using a WLAN coffee machine such as the Tchibo Qbo. If you like, you can also control your Alexa-capable music system, a compatible vacuum robot or its lighting via the Gigaset Smart Speaker.

Making phone calls with Alexa and L800HX – that’s how it works

Before you can make calls with the Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX, you must install the app and connect the speaker to the DECT base station via the app. The Gigaset Smart Speaker can only be used as a telephone once this connection has been established.

A big advantage of this Smart Speaker is that phone numbers no longer have to be typed in manually. Instead it is sufficient to ask the voice assistant: “”Alexa, call 911”. After she has repeated the number, the user only has to confirm his details with “Yes” and the call is made via the connected telephone base.

Users who synchronize their contact list with the Alexa app can also start calls via the Smart Speaker simply by naming. For example with the command: “Alexa, call Ulrich.” The following voice commands are also available:

  • “Alexa, accept call”
  • “Alexa, pick up.”
  • “Alexa, reject [answering call]”
  • “Alexa, hang up.”
  • “Alexa, end call”
  • If there are several DECT handsets in the household, they can also be contacted individually by naming the associated room. For example, via the voice command: “Alexa, call the study”.

What is compatible with the Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX?

  • Gigaset Smart Speaker App (soon available for Android and iOS)
  • Amazon Echo / Language Assistant Alexa
  • Via Amazon Alexa compatible with many other devices (e.g. the Gigaset Smart Security alarm system)
  • Use of streaming services or external devices via WLAN, Bluetooth and AUX input possible

Advantages of the Gigaset L800HX Smart Speaker

  • Voice control via Alexa
  • Alexa Skills usable
  • Integrated hands-free DECT telephone
  • Contacts can be imported
  • Easy to set up
  • Bluetooth WLAN and audio cable coupling possible

Disadvantages of the Gigaset L800HX Smart Speaker

  • No multi-room function
  • No stereo sound
  • No redialling

Gigaset Smart Speaker L800HX – Technical Details

  • Requires a DECT-capable router or a DECT base station
  • Wideband voice transmission
  • For incoming calls, the light ring of the Smart Speaker flashes green an
  • Alexa announces the call.
  • Speakers with 15 Watt RMS music power
  • Timer or alarm clock adjustable via Alexa
  • Receiving and sending voice messages

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