Facebook – New competitor of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?


The Facebook social network is currently working on the design of a voice assistant that should become a direct competitor of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

If Facebook has already tried, without success, to develop an voice assistant that could take a significant place on the market, the social platform is trying the experiment again. As a reminder, she had already tried to design Facebook M, a project dedicated to Messenger that the company finally ended last year after being announced in 2015.

At the moment, little information is known about Facebook’s new smart assistant, but a company spokesperson confirmed: “We are working on developing voice and assistant AI technologies that could work on our entire AR/VR product line, including Portal, Oculus and future products. No release date has yet been announced, but it can already be assumed that this is a long-term project that the platform will want to improve before it is released.

If there is one thing that seems clear, it is that Facebook will use the skills of its new voice assistant within its smart speaker. Last October, the social network finally unveiled Portal and Portal+, two connected devices that are the first hardware products of the American company. Both equipped with a screen, the speakers are designed around video and social interaction.

Facebook had indicated that it had placed particular importance on the privacy of users.

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