EWA A106 review: A handy mini bluetooth speaker


The EWA brand offered me to test one of their models, the EWA A106. A mini Bluetooth speaker. Being rather customary with large Bluetooth speakers, I was intrigued. Let’s see what it looks like.

Contents of the box.

In the box we therefore find:

  • The enclosure.
  • A carrying case with a carabiner.
  • A USB / Micro USB cable.
  • A manual.



The speaker measures 40mm high for a diameter of 48mm for a weight of 165g, which is to say that it is really not imposing.


It contains a 500mAh battery given for 6 hours of music at 50% of the volume that can be recharged via its micro USB port.


Its power is 3W and is equipped with a passive radiator inside to improve the bass and bass.

On the underside of the enclosure, there are small rubber feet so that it adheres perfectly to any surface.


It is also provided a bag with holes on the top which allows to pass the sound and thus hang it anywhere to continue listening to music while moving.


My opinion.

Like I said, I’m quite used to “large” speakers and I mistakenly thought that mini speakers were worth nothing. I had done everything and I admit I was surprised by this mini speaker.

The sound is clear, the whole spectrum is well restored I was really amazed by the power and the sharpness of the sound that can produce such a small object.


In addition, the bag provided with is really convenient to carry it anywhere, moreover it effectively protects the speaker.


The single button allows you to change tracks (2 presses for the next track, 3 for the previous one), a long press allows you to turn the speaker on or off, normal pressure allows you to put the music on play or pause .


The autonomy given by the manufacturer is rather realistic obviously if I push the sound to 80% I consume more energy and therefore the battery will discharge faster.

If I had a criticism to make it is the sound that saturates a little if we push the sound to its maximum, but very honestly by putting just below the sound is sharp and sufficiently powerful.

Anyway, I am very surprised by this object and I am tempted to test other models to see what is done with these mini speakers!

Where to buy it?

This speaker is sold for £14.99 on Amazon which makes it a very good value for money in my opinion.

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