eufy security video doorbell review


With a smart doorbell, users can increase security in the entrance area in just a few steps. Even in their absence, residents can keep an eye on everything and see who is at the door. Anker subsidiary eufy offers a model that works without cables and provides a very good picture with its 2K security video doorbell. We took a closer look at the eufy Security Video doorbell in the Test Check and reveal the advantages and disadvantages of this smart retrofit solution.

eufy Security doorbell – Conclusion

We particularly recommend the eufy Security Video doorbell to users who want to provide more security in the entrance area of their smart home without any complications. After a quick and uncomplicated installation, residents always know who is at their front door. For this purpose, the eufy Security Doorbell provides a very good picture in a 2K resolution.

Via the intercom function, users can talk contactlessly with postmen, friends or neighbours. This can additionally deter potential burglars. As a positive aspect we evaluate the local storage of the video recordings. Some competing models have additional costs for a cloud subscription. However, we find it problematic that the simple installation by clicking the eufy Security Doorbell into a holder also favors the fact that the doorbell can be stolen easily. After all, in case of theft the data remains stored in the HomeBase and doesn’t get lost additionally.


eufy security Doorbell – Smart doorbell with camera

The scope of delivery of the eufy Security doorbell is considerable. The wireless version is based on a HomeBase, which has to be connected to the router. The necessary Ethernet cable is, like the base station, also included in the scope of delivery. Users do not need to worry about the necessary tools for installation. With the eufy Security doorbell, interested parties receive an extension cable, a pin to release the doorbell, a mounting bracket, a screw set, clamps for connecting to an existing doorbell and a positioning template.

eufy Security Doorbell – Features and functions

Especially surprising is the very good picture with 2K resolution of the eufy Security Video doorbell. In addition, the WDR mode compensates for difficult lighting conditions so that backlighting is weakened and the person in front of the door is clearly visible. If you are worried about your data, the eufy Security Doorbell will reassure you. The video recordings are securely AES encrypted and stored locally on the HomeBase included in the scope of delivery. Users therefore need not fear any additional costs that would arise from a cloud subscription.


Residents receive images directly via the eufy Security App (Android | iOS) and see in real-time via push message who is currently at the front door. The simple installation is completed in a few minutes and the necessary tools are already included in the scope of delivery. The eufy Security Doorbell comes up with a six-month battery life. We rate this as good. Practical schedules allow the camera to only be switched on when you’re not at home. A geofencing function is currently still in the beta phase, but allows the camera to automatically register if someone is at home and adjust the settings accordingly. This is convenient because residents are then only informed by push message when they are absent.

Other special features of the eufy Security doorbell are

  • Intercom function: The eufy Security doorbell with video has an intercom function. This means that users can ask the postman, for example, to put the parcel in front of the entrance door. It can also deter burglars.
  • People recognition: The eufy Security Doorbell recognises people and distinguishes them from pets or other movements that can be caused, for example, by leaves flying around.
  • Activity zone: With the eufy Security Video Doorbell, residents can mark a certain area by registering a movement and starting the camera. This is particularly important in order not to include a public space such as the street. Then the camera is not triggered by a passer-by on the public sidewalk. Moreover, filming is only allowed in private space anyway, because recording strangers without their knowledge violates the right of personality.

eufy Security Video Doorbell – Technical Details

  • Size: 14 x 5.4 x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 209 g
  • Colour: white and black
  • Camera resolution: 2k, WDR
  • Security encryption: AES encrypted
  • Person recognition: yes
  • Intercom function: yes
  • Set areas, motion detection: yes
  • Protection class: weatherproof, IP65
  • Compatibility: Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Battery life: 180 days/ 6 months
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Special feature: Local storage on eufy HomeBase, up to 3 standard replies can be saved as a message

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