Ecobee releases new HomeKit room thermostat


Ecobee has released a faster, more elegant and better heating thermostat. In addition, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat of the built-in Alexa loudspeaker comes much louder. It looks very similar to its predecessor, but has a glass front.

Many of you may have replaced the radiator thermostats with devices from Eve Systems, tado┬░, Netatmo or Fibaro. However, if you have a room thermostat, Ecobee will throw a new device into the ring. The Ecobee Smart thermostat replaces the previous Ecobee4. The Ecobee3 light, which comes without an Alexa loudspeaker, will continue to exist.

Visually, the new model can hardly be distinguished from the Ecobee4. Only the plastic pane was replaced by a glass pane and the new model is 0.5mm (you read correctly: 0.5 mm) slimmer.

ecobee alexa built-in

The room thermostat comes with intelligent schedules, a smartphone app if you want to use the thermostat outside HomeKit, a presence detector, a motion detector and an external presence and temperature sensor.

The built-in Alexa loudspeaker has become much louder. In the predecessor model Ecobee4 there were many complaints that it was too quiet. In addition to Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the new device can also be integrated into the IFTTT automation service.

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