CCIE Exam Registration Conditions


CCIE, the full name Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is an expert certification exam launched by Cisco in the United States in 1993.

It is not only recognized by the world as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry, but also the top certification in the global Internetworking field.

To obtain the extremely demanding CCIE certification, candidates must first pass a written test and obtain qualifications before they can take the laboratory test.

Candidates can only obtain CCIE certification after passing the experiment.

Generally speaking, there are roughly two ways for candidates to study and obtain CCIE certification: First, self-study. To obtain CCIE certification exam through self-study, candidates must have more than two years of work experience, and must have sufficient time and energy, as well as a suitable experimental environment.

In addition, the most important thing is that you must have perseverance and never give up faith.

Second, participate in training. Find a genuine training institution to take part in the training in spare time or concentrated time, make full use of the training institution’s experimental equipment, in a good learning atmosphere, not only can students exchange technology with each other, but more importantly, they can also get CCIE expert guidance from the training institution. Moreover, it can help them to improve learning efficiency, which is a way to get twice the result with half the effort.

There are no requirements for CCIE registration, just go to the test center to make an appointment.

The test is divided into two parts: a written test and an experiment. The registration fee for the written test is $250 (calculated at the exchange rate, and you can also pay directly online with a credit card).

After passing the written test, it is the experimental part. The test fee for the lab is $1,400.

The CCIE exam is divided into a written test and a laboratory (LAB). In principle, there is no proof requirement for the written test, because it focuses more on technical investigations. The registration fee for the written test is 450 US dollars.

The requirement of LAB is that candidates can take the test after passing the CCIE written test, and the test fee is set according to the test room.

If the test taker is taking the test in Hong Kong, the test fee is $1,600; if the test takes place at a mobile test center, the corresponding test fee will be more expensive, generally $1,900.

In general, the registration requirements for CCIE certification are:

  1. At least 18 years old.
  2. Hold two documents that can prove identity, such as ID card, driver’s license, temporary residence permit, credit card, etc.
  3. Have enough money.

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