victsing-essential oil diffuser

VicTsing essential oil diffuser review

VicTsing offers an evaporator for essential oils. In addition to nebulising aromatic oils, the aroma diffuser can shine in 8 different colours. The retailer praises the VicTsing Aroma Nebuliser as the ideal mood generator for…

ALBOHES waterproof Outdoor Smart outlet 2 sockets

ALBOHES PS-1606 waterproof outdoor smart plug review

The smart plugs to the Alexians, we know well, very well even: singles, doubles, multiplugs, those with consumption monitoring, those with light… But the outdoor smart plugs are new! The advantage of this type of…


Ring Door View Cam – The Alexa video doorbell

Intelligent video doorbells fulfil several useful functions: they proactively signal when someone approaches the door and inform the user via smartphone even when he is not at home. With the intelligent Ring Door View Cam…