Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 Review

Why continue to get tired of using a hand vacuum cleaner to clean the house when the evolution of technology and modernization offers us better. Indeed, a wide range of hand vacuums with superb features…


Sonos Five Review – New Flagship Speaker

The market for networked multiroom speakers is highly competitive. Now Sonos is repositioning itself with the hi-fi speaker Sonos Five. In the Test Check we reveal the great challenge Sonos has to master, what the…


eufy security video doorbell review

With a smart doorbell, users can increase security in the entrance area in just a few steps. Even in their absence, residents can keep an eye on everything and see who is at the door….

Zemismart smart blind

Zemismart smart blind motor review

We return, after a few weeks of absence, to talk about Zemismart! The well known Chinese distributor of products dedicated to home automation has often given us the opportunity to try really special devices, not…

philips hue wireless dimmer switch

ZEMISMART smart night lights review

Smart bulbs are good. As we know, we all have at least two dozen of them at home. But what would be great is a smart nightlight for the little ones. That way, we turn…


BlitzWolf BW-SHC1 IP Security Camera Review

Among the our favorite connected objects, IP camera is a must-have. It must be said that they have become more and more democratic in recent years with the advent of the connected home. They are…

PETKIT smart feeder

PETKIT Smart Feeder Review

Always on the lookout for innovation, we regularly wander through the meanders of the canvas, rejecting with regret Morpheus’ arms, in order to find you objects connected to the hair, out of the ordinary, with…

philips hue wireless dimmer switch

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch Review

Signify offers a dimmer switch as an accessory for the Philips Hue intelligent lighting control system. The Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer can be integrated into existing Hue systems and individually configured via the Hue App….

Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker test

Zamkol ZK606 Bluetooth Speaker Review

A waterproof, mobile 360 degree Bluetooth speaker for $47.99 sounds not bad? The Zamkol ZK606 speaker should make it possible. To day we are going to reveal the weaknesses and strengths of this speaker. In…