Ecovacs’s new vacuum robots – Ozmo 920 & Ozmo 950

Ecovacs is a major brand in the still very closed world of household robot manufacturers. We recently announced their new entry-level robots, the Deebot 500 / 501 / 502 and then mentioned the very upcoming…


Ecobee releases new HomeKit room thermostat

Ecobee has released a faster, more elegant and better heating thermostat. In addition, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat of the built-in Alexa loudspeaker comes much louder. It looks very similar to its predecessor, but has a…


Garmin presents 5 new Forerunner watches

Garmin is a major player in the GPS watch market. Its Forerunner range is highly acclaimed by users, and the brand has just introduced 5 new models, ranging from entry-level to very high-end. In the…