Blink XT2 review: an attractive new camera model


A few months ago, we introduced you to Blink, Amazon’s consumer video protection brand. We were indeed seduced by the wireless system and the small size of the cameras during our Blink XT review. Good news, the company is back in the spotlight with an evolution of its flagship model: the Blink XT2 camera. But what else does this update bring us? Will these new cameras be compatible with previous models?

Blink XT2: we take the same ones and start again?

At first glance, the new Blink cameras have the same design as their predecessors. This is good news, their compactness had particularly seduced us.

The bridge, too, is exactly the same: discreet, lightweight, it always connects via Wi-Fi to your router and contains exactly the same hardware.

No 4K on the program either, they remain in 1080p, which is not surprising at all. But then, what is so different about them?

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A better autonomy

Still powered by two 1.5V Lithium batteries, this new version promises to double its autonomy, just that!

If the previous ones were given to last 2 years at a rate of 40,000 seconds of live or recorded use, a more than respectable autonomy and probably the most important on the market, the Blink XT2 now promises us 80,000 seconds of use.

You can therefore stay twice as long on your future Echo Show 5 to watch your exteriors. Impressive, isn’t it?

A two-way audio part

This is a criticism that was once made to them: the first generation Blink XTs did not offer the possibility of speaking. The company has remedied this by providing its XT2s with two-way audio and therefore a loudspeaker that allows you to copiously insult unwanted people who have walked through your door without your consent or, it is preferable, to reassure your dog that you have cowardly abandoned a few hours at home. A more than appreciable functionality, it must be recognized.

Finer motion detection

Finally, Blink promises us improved motion detection and the possibility of being able to customize it more finely with a larger grid. What exactly is it about? Apparently, the grid would offer more squares, but not only… A matter that we will follow closely.

Blink XT2 : prices pulled down

This is rare enough to be highlighted: this new version has the merit of being less expensive than the previous one. While most manufacturers of connected objects keep the same price positioning or discreetly pass on inflation, Immedia Semiconductor LLC has chosen to be ever more aggressive in the booming market for video surveillance cameras for private individuals.

Indeed, if the kit including a camera and its additional bridge was marketed until then at a price of $189, the pack is now available from $99.99 on Yes, you read well, the new version is almost half as expensive as the previous one!

Other good news, they are fully compatible with Blink XT, but also with the interior model (white) since the synchronization module has not changed at all! A wise choice to say the least, which reflects the attention paid by the brand and its parent company to its customers.

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