Best Video Doorbells 2020

Video doorbells are increasing in popularity due to their ability to give homeowners more views of their property regardless of whether they’re home or away. The industry is extremely competitive with the different types of video doorbells available. A few products are recommended over others because of how well they operate and their reliability.

Highest Definition

eufy Security Video Doorbell
eufy Security Video Doorbell

No Hidden Costs

This video doorbell allows you to respond in real-time and speak directly to anyone who approaches your door. It has a sophisticated algorithm with AI and can detect body shapes and face patterns. Read the full review of eufy security video doorbell here.


  • Eufy Security Wi-fi Video Doorbell offers a fast live view without any lags.
  • It provides an extra three seconds of footage before a doorbell is rung or any motion is detected.
  • The video quality is crisp when filming during the day or night.


  • Eufy Security Wi-fi Video Doorbell can assume some objects are humans.
  • The doorbell stops working if the Wifi is disconnected.
  • The motion detection isn’t as accurate at night.

Most Reliable

Arlo Video Doorbell
Arlo Video Doorbell

Built-in Siren

With home security in the palm of your hand, this video doorbell has night vision and two-way audio. You can receive notifications each time motion is detected.


  • Arlo Video Doorbell sends notifications within seconds of detecting motion.
  • Messages can be sent to the visitor directly to the door.
  • It offers excellent clarity of the faces of visitors.


  • Arlo Video Doorbell does not offer as much coverage as competing cameras.
  • It can be challenging to connect to the app during the installation process.
  • Any wind can cause the motion detection feature to send notifications to the homeowner.

Best Design

Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)
Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)

Easy to Set Up

Ring Video Doorbell has 720p HD video to hear, see and speak to visitors from your phone or tablet. Adjusting the motion zones makes it easy to receive notifications when motion is detected.


  • Ring Video Doorbell’s chime is easy to configure and connect to the doorbell.
  • The motion-sensing feature is reliable and not overly sensitive.
  • The integration with Smartthings and Alexa is a breeze.


  • Ring Video Doorbell’s night vision is not as clear as the daytime vision.
  • It can constantly try to connect and disconnect to Bluetooth.
  • The camera doesn’t record visitors approaching the door but records when they walk away.

Best Features

 Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera
Remo+ RemoBell S Video Doorbell

Streams Live Videos

Remo+ Doorbell Camera has customizable motion zones and live on-demand streaming. It offers two-way talk and HD video with clear night vision.


  • Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera’s design is chic and slim, making it fit in most spaces.
  • The doorbell can be answered wherever you are via your smartphone or tablet.
  • The video quality is clear and easy to view.


  • Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera’s night vision doesn’t work if the porch light is on.
  • It can take time to view the footage of the camera in the app.
  • The face button can rust.

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