Best Alexa gadgets for every summer type


Who wouldn’t want a personal assistant to fan you out in summer, serve ice-cold cocktails and provide entertainment? Alexa can do all that – at least almost. She doesn’t quite succeed in preparing cocktails yet, but at least she gives good recipe tips. Our overview of the hottest Alexa summer gadgets reveals how she sweetens the hottest time of the year.

Summer, Sun, Beach – Alexa: These gadgets listen to Alexa voice commands

The sun is burning, not a little cloud in the sky: you would prefer not to move a millimetre. Fortunately, we don’t have to. After all, Alexa can turn on the music for us, turn on the fan and, if necessary, even take care of the garden (while we relax on holiday). We show how it works.

Alexa Gadgets for summer type 1 – “beach dwellers” in party mode

At hot temperatures this sun-hungry species can only be found at or in the water. The louder and longer the party, the better. So that the music does not end abruptly even after a long night, there are special outdoor Bluetooth speakers. The MEGABLAST model from Ultimate Ears, for example, is not only Alexa compatible, but also plays music continuously for up to 16 hours. Even if the Bluetooth speaker accidentally falls into the water, it can survive up to 30 minutes of wetness without damage.


Alexa Gadgets for summer type 2 – “Garden lovers”.

The garden fan lives in the here and now, making himself comfortable in his own garden in the summer heat and listening to relaxing music. He doesn’t have to worry about garden maintenance, because fortunately Alexa can now control many mowing robots on call via Robonect Skill – e.g. popular models from Husquarna or GARDENA. If desired, it can also supply the plants with sufficient water (e.g. via the GARDENA MultiControl duo irrigation computer).

When dusk finally falls, Philips Hue outdoor lamps set the perfect scene for the garden.

Alexa gadgets for summer type 3: Viva Balkonia!

A balcony is the perfect compromise between the hustle and bustle of the beach with many strangers and the seclusion of a private garden. The balcony also offers the option of using Smart Home devices that require electricity. This includes, for example, the Alexa-capable Princess 350000 tower fan.

Refreshment is also provided by a well-cooled cocktail. If you don’t have a favourite version yet, the Alexa Skill barkeeper will give you a lot of ideas.

Our tip for individualists: Mobile Alexa lamps and Alexa car gadgets

If you can’t decide which type of summer you belong to and would rather do something different every day, we have two extra tips for you.

Atmospheric lights with Alexa voice control option provide beautiful light at many different locations. One of the most popular is e.g. Philips Hue Go, but users should take care to protect them from moisture. Even cheaper is the (unfortunately wired) multi-coloured Meross Alexa lamp.

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