Aqara: attractive new smart home devices

We regularly talk to you about the Chinese smart home provider Aqara because its products are affordable, efficient and very aesthetic. Recently, Aqara has unveiled new smart home devices which should shortly be among the must have for Alexa users. We can’t wait to see them arrive in Europe…

Aqara S1: a dimmer switch with touch screen

This is the announcement that dazzles us: the new Aqara S1 smart touch switch! Operating in ZigBee 3.0, this attractive new device has a 3.95-inch color IPS screen that allows you to control your smart lighting with your fingertips by choosing color and power. In standby, it also displays useful and customizable information such as date and time, local weather, temperature and humidity, etc.

Square in shape with an 86 mm edge, it is perfectly suited for installation boxes and should therefore adapt without difficulty to our European installations, although it will most likely require a neutral wire to be supplied. Its shape will allow it to perfectly integrate alongside the other more classic switches of the brand on type 86 boxes. Available only in China at first, we hope it will quickly reach the old continent…

Aqara H1 Pro: new switches connected to rocker

The brand is also expanding its range of new smart switches with double and triple flip-flops called Aqara H1 Pro.

Also updated in ZigBee 3.0 , their lines have changed somewhat and they will be available in several colors. Perfectly matched to the touch screen, they will fit perfectly in homes connected to contemporary design.

Unfortunately, they will initially only be available in China , but will probably be the subject of an international distribution as the growing success of Aqara becomes important beyond its borders. We will of course be sure to tell you about it when the time comes.

Finally, note one last interesting novelty: the Aqara T1 relay. Very compact, it differs from the previous relay by using the ZigBee 3.0 and the presence of a single channel instead of two previously. Compact, it will easily find its place behind our traditional one-way switches or under ceiling lights and other devices requiring only one control.

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