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Anyone who wants to control existing conventional electrical appliances by voice can retrofit them with a WLAN socket in just a few minutes. Amazon offers a proprietary Smart Plug, which is inserted between the electrical appliance and the socket and reacts to Alexa voice control. But can it really do more than the already proven TP-Link HS100/110 WlAN socket?

The Amazon Smart Plug makes conventional devices smart

Start radio, coffee machine or fan heater on call? With a WLAN adapter plug, this works without any problems even if the household appliance is not Alexa compatible.

No previous technical knowledge or time-consuming programming is required. Almost every WLAN socket can be set up in just a few minutes using Plug & Play. This also applies to the Amazon Smart Plug, which is plugged into an electrical outlet and connected to the Internet via the Alexa App. Already Alexa can be asked for ‘Smart Home Control’ to control the adapter plug.


Amazon Smart Plug functions

The Alexa-compatible socket Amazon Smart Plug is a single socket that can be switched by App or Alexa voice control. The socket outlet is typically white and well finished. There are no housing edges over and the socket outlet the side-mounted on/off button has a pleasant pressure point. However, the edges are somewhat sharp, which is why you have to pay attention when plugging the adapter plug into a free socket.

In order to connect the Amazon Smart Plug adapter with the wall socket we had to apply some pressure in the test, then the wireless socket was firmly connected, which we liked. The actual plug is connected to the housing in one casting, which we also liked in the test. It is not a multi-component plug part.

Amazon Smart Plug for smart home beginners

The fields of application of a Smart Plug are almost unlimited and cover almost all classic devices. For example, an Amazon Smart Plug can be used to activate the lighting in the morning and a second Smart Plug to activate the coffee machine immediately afterwards – without having to get up yourself. Even more comfort is provided by the possibility to combine several actions into routines. In the evening, for example, the statement “Alexa, good night” is enough to extinguish all networked lights simultaneously. Those who also have Alexa-compatible devices can, for example, integrate the activation of an alarm system and the locking of the front door into their evening routine.


What is compatible with the Amazon Smart Plug?

The Alexa WLAN socket can be controlled either only via the Alexa App or in combination with another Alexa-enabled device via voice. For example an Echo 3, Fire TV, Fire-Tablet or Sonos One.

Advantages of Amazon Smart Plug

  • Simple retrofit solution for normal household appliances
  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • Good workmanship

Disadvantages of Amazon Smart Plug

  • Only usable with language assistant Alexa from Amazon
  • Not compatible with hubs (control units) of other manufacturers
  • With a maximum load of 10 A, this is only average.
  • Does not offer extras such as USB slot or power measurement function
  • High price

Conclusion on Amazon Smart Plug

The Alexa WLAN socket outlet from Amazon is a well thought-out basic product for beginners or smart home fans who want to network existing favourites. What we find particularly practical about this model is that the Smart Plug can be controlled directly with the Alexa App and does not first have to be integrated into a Smart Home system. The setup itself was easy to do in the test.

Unfortunately, the Amazon Smart Plug wireless socket does not offer any extras such as an integrated USB slot or a power measurement function. Thanks to its good workmanship, the wireless socket outlet is suitable for all Alexa users who simply want to integrate a wireless socket outlet into their Smart Home as easily as possible. At a price of just under 30 euros, however, you already get better equipped Alexa-compatible wireless sockets.

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