Amazon Alexa no longer responds? This helps


Smart technology is very practical as long as it works smoothly. But what if Alexa doesn’t listen to a voice command anymore and Echo just won’t start? We have searched and found solutions for these and other Alexa problems. We also present all the important prerequisites that are essential for efficient Echo usage.

Basic conditions for successful Alexa and echo usage

The following criteria must be met in order for the echo to react at all:

  • Echo and Alexa App were installed properly
  • The Echo loudspeaker is currently connected to your own WLAN network.
  • The mains cable of the echo is connected to the mains and intact.
  • The volume on the Smart Speaker has been set sufficiently high.

If your Amazon Echo still doesn’t listen, the following steps may help you troubleshoot the problem with Alexa, your language assistant.

Alexa does not react: Light ring on Amazon Echo lights up red

At the top of each echo loudspeaker, a coloured illuminated ring indicates the current status of the device. For example, if it lights red, the microphone is turned off (possibly accidentally). In this case simply press the microphone symbol and Alexa will listen again.

Alexa doesn’t respond to my voice commands

Anyone who has tried several times to pronounce a voice command loudly and clearly and to reduce background noise, but still had no success, should reformulate their statement. Sometimes a lack of response from the Amazon echo can be based on a specific term that the speech software could not process. Also, repositioning the speaker can be helpful. If an echo is less than 20 centimeters away from the nearest wall or is too far away from the router, this can also affect its functionality.

Alexa/ Echo cannot control smart home devices

Unfortunately, even the most modern smart loudspeakers don’t (yet) work just talking about it. For household appliances to be able to interact with voice control, they must be special Alexa-compatible devices that were previously added to the Alexa app. Otherwise, it’s no wonder that your favorite lamp or main thermostat can’t be dimmed by voice command.

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