All you need to know about smart light switch

In recent years, the smart light switch has become more and more democratic. Both easy to install and simple to use, it has established itself as the essential accessory for the connected home. However, the exploitation of its capabilities is still in its infancy. To learn all about the smart light switch, follow the guide.

What is a smart light switch?

Home automation has many advantages. It allows us to optimise our daily lives, to make everyday tasks easier. To build a connected ecosystem, you need to find out what you need and create a truly intelligent environment. Among the solutions proposed to the general public, many are those aiming at a kind of updating of quite ordinary everyday objects. For example, smart light switches are a simple and accessible option to get started in home automation, or simply to complete an existing ecosystem. In any case, the most important thing before making a purchase is to check the compatibility of the product with the protocol of the connected equipment already present in the home. Three types of smart light switches exist: wireless, wired and portable. These have the same function: to centralize the control of all devices connected.

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The different types of smart light switches

Smart light switches are an alternative or a complement to controlling a connected ecosystem via smartphone. Very often, to control his various intelligent objects, the user will have to use a mobile application. If this is practical, this management can quickly turn out to be complicated in a heavily equipped connected environment. In fact, the smart light switch is a simple solution to centralize the control of one’s connected home, in particular concerning: smart lighting.

The most popular smart switch is the wireless switch. It does not require any demanding installation. It is a simple box that is usually fixed to the wall – screws or glue – just like a conventional switch. It usually works with a battery. To use it, you may need a receiver: a smart home hub, which is a control centre for the connected home. This will allow the smart light switch – the transmitter – to communicate with other connected devices in the house. The smart light switch has basic functionalities: on, off, lighting dimming or even shutter control.

A little more demanding concerning the installation, the wired smart light switch will generally be privileged within the framework of the construction of a complete home automation ecosystem. It will be necessary to pull cables in order to connect it to the various equipments concerned, which implies both a good knowledge of home automation, but also a preparation beforehand.

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Finally, a smart light switch can also be dematerialized – in the form of an application such as Samsung’s Mobile Smart Switch – or nomadic. These are generally a kind of portable buttons, i.e. remote controls with one or more buttons, intended for controlling intelligent equipment. Some still have a base, but the button itself can be detached from it.

What is the use for the smart light switch?

Today, the most common use of the smart light switch is related to the management of connected lighting. Thanks to this one, it becomes very simple to switch off the light, to switch on, but also to vary the intensity of the lighting, and even to trigger certain functionalities specific to its connected bulbs. In addition, the other major use of the connected switch will be with the roller shutters. It is indeed very simple to change a classic switch to transform its shutters into connected shutters.

Nevertheless, everything suggests that the use of smart light switches should diversify in the coming years with the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things – or IoT. Indeed, with the possibility of creating home automation scenarios, for example by programming the house lights to turn off at a specific time or closing the shutters at nightfall, the functionalities of this equipment are undeniably scalable.

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