A smart switch to activate all our devices remotely


The SwitchBot smart switch allows us to activate any device at home using our smartphone, tablet, Android smart watch and Apple iOS, and even our Google, Alexa and Siri voice prompts.

The smart home more commonly known as home automation technology is slowly gaining new followers as more and more smart products come onto the market.

Very often we start with a Google voice assistant, Echo from Amazon or HomePod from Apple, then we add smart light bulbs, a smart thermometer, smart curtains and so on.

Only, if our non-smart devices work well, we obviously don’t want to get new ones just because they’re smart. That’s why there are products like the SwitchBot that allow us to make everyday devices smart.

Control all your devices with your phone or your voice

The SwitchBot is similar in some ways to smart sockets such as Geeni sockets for example, in that they allow us to activate all our devices remotely.

However, a smart socket outlet has its limitations. We can turn on the power for our coffee machine, but we still have to press the button to let our sweet morning nectar flow.

With the SwitchBot, you don’t even have to get up to leave your coffee. You activate the switch remotely with the application on your mobile device or even with our Google, Alexa or Siri voice assistant and that’s it.

There is the coffee machine, but we can use the SwitchBot on so many other devices at home. Whether it’s our light switch, our TV, our computer, in short the possibilities are almost endless.

With the help of an adhesive tape, you can stick the SwitchBot on any device and activate it remotely via Bluetooth or even program a predetermined schedule.

However, if you want to use it with our voice assistant, you will need to purchase the hub. There are of course combos that combine the hub with SwitchBots to save a little money.

Of course, the SwitchBot is only a temporary solution, since as home automation becomes more widespread, this type of product will lose interest.

However, in the meantime, it can be an interesting temporary solution for those who really love home automation and want to make all their devices intelligent.

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