360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner review and comparison with Roborock S50


It is becoming more and more popular to leave household cleaning to a robot vacuum while you are away. The model 360 S7 can not only vacuum but also wipe floors and is still surprisingly inexpensive. We will give you an overview 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner and the comparison of the famous Roborock S50.

The 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner cleans carpets, marble, tiles and wooden floors

With its cleaning brushes and the optional attachable water container, 360 S7 sucks and wipes almost all types of floors. While it can be set in three modes when vacuuming, the cleaning rag is automatically moistened in the wiping mode – the amount of water delivered cannot (yet) be varied here. If the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner gets in the way of door thresholds, carpet edges or other low obstacles while driving, it can drive over them up to a height of 2 centimetres. The robot vacuum cleaner detects furniture or other high objects by means of an integrated anti-collision sensor and bypasses them. It is protected from falling down stairs by four fall sensors, which cause automatic braking. The intelligent domestic helper then simply moves on in a different direction.

After installation, 360 S7 can also be configured to suit personal preferences. For example, users can specify where not to wipe or when to start cleaning.

What is compatible with the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner?

  • Amazon Alexa
  • 360 Smart App ( iOS |Android)

Advantages of the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner

  • Efficient navigation
  • Easy to install and control via app
  • Comparatively inexpensive for an app-controlled robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation
  • Good workmanship

Disadvantages of the 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner

  • Alexa Skill according to first customer reviews only available in the USA so far
  • No support for Google Assistant yet, although some product images suggest this.
  • Wipe function rather mediocre
  • Battery performance rather mediocre

360 S7 vs Roborock S50

At first glance, robot vacuum cleaners from Chinese manufacturers, in particular, offer amazing visual and technical similarities. To help you better assess whether the 360 S7 meets your requirements, we have compared it with Roborock S50.

This shows that the 360 S7 works well behind Roborock S50, especially in terms of battery power and its range. In addition, 360 S7 is somewhat heavier and higher, the corresponding Alexa-Skill is not yet available in Europe and Google Home compatibility is not available.

But 360 S7 also has strengths that set it apart from Roborock S50. For example, the robot vacuum cleaner model presented is significantly quieter and has both a larger dust collector and water container. In addition, its battery charging time is much shorter.

With regard to the number of camber sensors and the climb height, both wiping and robot vacuum cleaners correspond to each other.

We therefore recommend Roborock S50 to anyone who wants voice control via Alexa or Google Home and wants a device with particularly large battery power. For users with a limited budget who do not want to clean more than 100 square meters at once and only use the app for control, 360 S7 is a good and much cheaper solution.

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